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Plumb Local is the Okanagan distributor for the Catalytic 1000 water softener, a healthy choice beyond archaic technology and dragging home heavy bags of salt for your system. Invented in Canada with over 30 years of proven performance, our salt-free water softeners use water pressure as an energy source, not electricity. They work by converting calcium bicarbonate into calcite, a natural and environmentally friendly softening agent to prevent minerals from forming scale and causing hard water problems.

Water running through the vacuum chamber is vaporized, allowing the Catalytic 1000 water softener to split minerals away from their CO2. Dissolved minerals are then grouped on the surface of a catalytic bar and released back into the water in suspension. At this point, minerals have lost their scaling property so they won’t stick to surfaces or interfere with the effectiveness of your cleaning products.

Catalytic 1000 water softener

Low maintenance and designed to last a lifetime, they use less water than conventional salt water softeners and because they are smaller units, fit perfectly into space conscious-homes. No back flushing is required, which is significant, as 50 gallons of water is wasted per back flush. Salt softeners need replacement every 8 to 12 years, but many customers have been using the same Catalytic 1000 water softener for over 25 years.

Our water softeners include an outstanding 10-year parts and labour warranty and performance guarantee.

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Savings and Benefits

The benefits of installing a Catalytic 1000 water softener in your home are numerous. Our salt free water softeners solve hard water problems with very low operating expenses.

Drinking water processed through a salt softener can add sodium to your diet. The harder the water, the more sodium the softening system must add to replace the dissolved calcium and magnesium, so the amount of sodium present will vary based on how much hardness is being removed. The American Heart Association states, “People on salt restricted diets should avoid home softeners or make sure the ones they install don’t use sodium.” Salt softeners also may become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Studies now suggest that sodium can be absorbed when bathing and showering in salt-softened water, contributing to high blood pressure and can be harmful if you have heart or kidney disease. Your Catalytic 1000 soft water system will make your skin and hair feel smooth with less soap buildup and easy rinse-off. In fact, you won’t need as much soap as you used to use, as soft water helps soap to lather and clean more efficiently.

Salt water softeners shorten the life of water heaters by introducing corrosive properties that build up inside the heater, but this problem can be solved by installing a Catalytic 1000. If you are renovating or building a new home, consider calling us first to discuss this innovative solution that combines cost-effective water softening and heating.

Washing clothes in Catalytic 1000 softened water leaves your clothes cleaner and without yellowing because of the increased efficacy of detergents. With soft water, all soap residue washes out for a cleaner result. You also have some peace of mind knowing your salt free water isn’t ruining your hot water tank. And, if you are on a meter and pay for water consumption, you’ve saved yourself the cost of 50 gallons of water needed to back-flush your salt softener.

How Savings Are Calculated

Our premium customer service is always here when you need us. We deliver your Catalytic 1000 salt-free water softeners so you don’t have to pick up and transport them when you need them installed.

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Try our CATALYTIC 1000 water softener and you will be amazed by the high-quality soft water this low maintenance unit produces. Our water softeners will cost you less than traditional salt-based systems. Call Gene Ryde for more information on this unique saltless process. Expect exceptional service and honest pricing.

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Gene invites you to call with your plumbing concerns and questions including the latest in salt-free water softeners, and for quotes and consultations on home plumbing repairs. Home renovation plumbing is one of his specialties and Gene has several references on file if you request them. As the Okanagan distributor for the salt-free Catalytic 1000 water softener, he can recommend the best solutions for water softening in your home. With a focus on honesty, quality and fast 24-hour service, you can rely on Plumb Local for all your plumbing and installation needs.

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